Improving life after brain injury

Brain injury can challenge every aspect of your life – walking, talking, thinking and feeling – and the losses can be severe and permanent. It can mean losing both the life you once lived and the person you once were.

At Headway, we work to improve life after brain injury by supporting survivors to relearn lost skills and regain a degree of independence. We also support families and carers, recognising that brain injury affects more than just the individual.

We do this through the provision of a range of frontline services that are available at every stage of the journey – from supporting families at the bedside through to helping people rebuild their lives.

We know that with the right help, at the right time, there can be life after brain injury – but we need your help to continue to do what we do.

If you feel you can help us by volunteering your time, fundraising, or making a donation, please click on the link below to get involved with improving life after brain injury.

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Other ways to get involved

Your support powers our services. Every pound raised and every minute of your time given will help to make a massive difference to the lives of brain injury survivors, their families and carers.

Fundraising is a fantastic excuse for bringing people together in the name of a great cause. The more fun you have, the more money you will raise!

Find out how you can get involved on our main website


One of Headway's objectives is to campaign to increase awareness and reduce incidence of brain injury.

Our recent campaigns have raised awareness of the importance of carers, fought for a fairer welfare benefits system, and given people a chance to highlight what brain injury means to them. 

We need your support, so visit our website to get involved.

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